Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Compassion, commitment alive in these young women.(Sage)

Byline: Carolyn Flynn Sage Editor


I guess I don't need to worry anymore. My children have announced their college plans. My son is going to "train college," where he will become an engineer and win "train contests." My daughter has expressed an interest in entomology -- that is to say, "butterfly college." But no, she says, what she really wants to do is go to "helper college," so she can help Mommy.

Well, we have 15 more years -- my twins are 3 years old -- so there's plenty more time to worry. I know enough to treasure that when I say, "Mommy is taking out the trash," I hear, "I want to help you, Mommy." And as much as I'm eating it up, I know there's plenty more time for my daughter to decide that boys and cars might be more fun than helping Mommy with laundry. …

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