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Byline: About Art Tom Collins For the Journal

"Elements of Perception" presents work of three women

The Evo Gallery has always had a cool name, and since February they've resided on Canyon Road, in one of the newest, cleanest, well-lighted galleries in the state. The current exhibition, titled "Elements of Perception," presents works by three women -- Mary Bennet, Madelin Coit, and Dara Mark -- that is cool, clean and slick as the space itself.

Bennett, we are told, "came to the practice of art after 20 years in the corporate world." I would note that, unlike Buddhism, say, "art" is not a practice, but something else altogether. And after 20 years in the corporate world, it's an activity rather more difficult to "practice" and achieve competence at than might be first thought. Be that as it may, Bennett does do some rather clever and crafty bending, folding, spindling, mutilating and manipulating of books. It's a kind of biblio-origami, with pages folded perfectly in a diamond fan shape, pages shredded to create a confetti-like book, books stacked in a curved column, floor to ceiling, little silver tacks pounded into the musical notations of a score and so on. I happen to like books, and so whenever I see them "objectified" like this, it makes me rather sad. No, it's not like burning them, but close enough. Call me old-fashioned, but I think they are meant to be read.

Madelin Coit is another artist who owes a debt to Bruce Naumann, what with her sod planted beneath a neon sign which reads, "The line between sanity and insanity is a dedicated green belt -- not a line crossed with one step." What this possibly means is up to the individual, I suppose, and I for one haven't a clue even with the visual cue from the strip of lawn on the gallery floor. Actually, it has been my experience that the "dedicated green belt" between sanity and insanity, if you will, is nonexistent and that people can act perfectly sanely in one context, and insanely in another.

Coit also has a clear plastic shower curtain hanging on the wall in which are packaged a great many old letters, postcards and old mail. …

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