Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Prairie Dogs Might Have Dug Up Bone.(Journal North)

Byline: Kathryn Holzka For the Journal

TAOS -- If Taos Police thought they had a mystery on their hands when a cleaning crew found part of a human leg bone in a pant leg concealed in brush at the Sierra Vista Cemetery in El Prado last Friday, a possible explanation of the whodunit is giving them a real headache.

The reason? The prime suspects in the investigation are prairie dogs, and they aren't talking.

Holfelder said he found the graves Wednesday, but nothing seemed to be disturbed. However, in the vicinity of the grave site, he found at least a half-dozen prairie dog holes, one close by the grave with what appeared to be a vertebra lying on the ground inches from the entry hole. …

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