Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Getting cat to behave with force is just wrong.(Final)

Byline: Jeff Nichol For the Journal

Q: My friend has a cat and when he gets into trouble or does something bad she either hits him hard on the top of the head or on the butt. Will this hurt the cat?

He also squinches his eyes tight when he gets hit on the head. Can the hitting have any effect on the cat when he is hit on the head?

Dr. Nichol: Hitting a cat is worse than unnecessary; it's dangerous. This little fellow is at risk for concussion as well as damage to his ability to think properly. Any of us can have diminished intelligence from repeated head trauma.

Your friend needs to learn new skills for managing her cat's behavior. A more effective method is to interrupt undesirable habits early in a behavior sequence. …

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