Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Require Proper ID For 'Mature' Video Games.(Final)(Editorial)


Even when the rest of the economy is weak, video game sales are strong.

Sales for this growing $10 billion industry (a billion dollars larger than annual movie box-office receipts) are boosted by a generation of players raised on video games, even now that many are no longer kids.

Therein lies a problem. As the industry seeks to keep these aging gamers hooked with increasingly violent and sexual content, so-called "mature" games too often end up in the hands of younger players.

According to a December 2001 Federal Trade Commission study, video game retailers allowed 78 percent of unaccompanied teenagers (ages 13 to 16) to buy mature-rated games -- games the industry-backed Entertainment Software Rating Board says are unsuitable for children 16 years old or younger. …

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