Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Time, place major characters in 'Death'.(Final)

Byline: Review by David Steinberg

"Death of a Nationalist" by Rebecca C. Pawel

Soho Press, $24, 262 pp.

With her just published debut novel "Death of a Nationalist," Rebecca Pawel shows that she knows how to elevate a crime novel into compelling fiction.

Pawel also knows how to set a novel, in this case Madrid, Spain, in the year 1939. Generalissimo Franco's Fascist-backed Falangists are newly in power, having defeated the Communist-supported Republicans. Naturally, there's a deep political chasm in this post-Civil War year; the war's over but not the animosities.

The book immerses readers into the daily lives of characters, keying on the death of a Corporal Lopez of the Guardia Civil on a short street named Amor de Dios. …

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