Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

'Originals' drives home the gender differences.(Final)

Byline: Wesley Pulkka For the Journal


Normally I avoid thinking about differences between men's art and women's art but "Originals: Traces of the Journey" at the Albuquerque Museum is specifically a women's art show that demands I consider gender.

On reflection the two best examples of male-versus-female art are not in "Originals 2003." The 1912 Model T Ford Speedster in the history section of the museum is a beautifully bright red example of male art. Henry Ford's Speedster, built from a factory-produced kit, makes lots of noise, goes really fast, is inherently dangerous and leaks oil. The automobile is a kinetic artist's dream come true.

In the permanent collections exhibit Erica Wanenmacher offers "Model Home" consisting of a huge cicada turned condo. …

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