Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

A fashion flip(flop).(Final)

Byline: Culture Shock Leanne Potts Of the Journal


I blew out my flip-flop/ stepped on a pop-top ... You know the rest of this song, of course -- Jimmy Buffett's 1977 chestnut "Margaritaville," which tells of a mood-disordered alcoholic who has lost his way in life and now lazes seaside in plastic shoes probably purchased at a convenience store.

The shoes are the telling detail, proof that the song's protagonist has slipped from stability into a downward spiral of apathy and self-abnegation. This guy is so defeated he doesn't even bother to get dressed anymore; he just sits around with booze in the blender and crappy shoes on his feet.

Flip-flops have long been the official footwear of the disaffected, a sort of sack cloth for the tootsies. Wearing them says you are more concerned with feeling good than looking good, that you aren't even in the mood to be attractive, damn it. …

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