Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Body arches into graceful Bow Pose.(Final)

Byline: Thia Luby For the Journal

Difficult posture expands chest and strengthens back

A bow is a graceful implement shaped in the curving form of a half circle. Sportsmen and musicians utilize it with different intentions, but they have this in common: The skilled ones use it with strength and confidence.

When used for sport, a bow supports and directs an arrow at a target, and using it requires great hand-eye coordination.

A musician uses a bow to create music, which can evoke mental and emotional bliss. When you hear the bow drawn across a stringed instrument, you may feel internal vibrations dancing through your body and soul.

In yoga we learn to imitate things within our environment, which can include animals, objects or shapes. …

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