Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Living Through The Pain.(Final)

Byline: JIM BELSHAW of the Journal

Connie Nellos says he's doing OK. Not great. Just OK. His son, Nicholas Constantine Nellos, 39, engineer, husband, father of three young children, has been dead about 10 months, murdered, gunned down in the streets in July.

The wrong place, the wrong time. An accident at an intersection. Two fleeing convenience store robbers hit Nick's car. Nick got out to see if they were OK. He was dead seconds later, shot repeatedly.

The family must find a way through this. Connie saw a counselor for a while, then stopped. He has worked hard all his life. He has solved his own problems all his life. The hard work brought success. He owns The Quarters, ostensibly restaurants, but in truth more institution than restaurant, more a thread woven deeply into the fabric of the city. …

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