Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Women on the March.(Final)

Byline: Katie Burford Journal Staff Writer

A number of grass-roots groups help mothers movement gain momentum

Brunch and flowers are nice, but this Mother's Day some mothers are asking for more.

What they want is social change.

The "mothers movement," as it has been called, is a patchwork of grass-roots organizations including several in Albuquerque that have been formed in recent years to advocate for mothers and children.

Today, local members of one such association, Mothers Acting Up, will parade down East Central Avenue complete with crazy hats and strollers to "make visible to the world the exuberant strength of mothers," according to the group's news release.

On a national level, groups in the mothers' movement are challenging the nation's policies on everything from education to Social Security.

"The big objective ... is to change society's perspective of who is responsible for the outcomes of the nation's children," said Judith Stadtman Tucker, editor of The Mothers Movement Online and a resident of Portsmouth, N.H.

Now, mothers bear the lion's share of that responsibility. In an ideal world, she said, parents and all of society's institutions would share it.

She described the current wave of activism as getting back to the unfinished business of feminism.

If successful, some say, it could change the American family in much the same way the women's liberation movement changed the face of the workplace. …

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