Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Let Only Best Flags Fly Proudly Today.(Final)(Editorial)


On this day in 1777, Congress first proposed that the United States have its own national flag. The result was the template for the American flag of today.

Today, Flag Day, is an appropriate time to check the condition of one's own Stars and Stripes. Is it worn, threadbare, barely hanging from the car antenna? It's time to replace damaged flags with new ones that fully symbolize the unfrayed freedoms Americans are guaranteed under the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Replacement entails correct disposal of one's "old" Old Glory. But if you fear the neighbors might interpret a proper burning in one's backyard as an act of protest, the American Legion Carlisle Bennett Post 13, located between I-25 and University on Lomas, will gladly take on the disposal task. …

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