Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Reward toy poodle to restore calm behavior.(Final)

Byline: Dr. Jeff Nichol for the Journal Pet Care

Q: We have a 7-year-old male toy poodle. Once when I picked him up from the groomer he had bloody eyes. The vet said he had been hit or had fallen off the table. He has been a mess since. To get his shots he had to be gassed to sleep. When we board him the attendants can't get him out of the kennel without him snapping aggressively. I do his grooming. He bites at me. We may need to put him to sleep. Would neutering help?

Dr. Nichol: This is a painful story one horrifying event can change a life. Your boy was harshly punished, and he has associated grooming and veterinary care with dread ever since. He can definitely be helped. …

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