Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Gabriel's ladder.(Sage)

Byline: Tracy Dingmann * Illustration by Carol Cooperrider


When my son's best friend moved away, it ended their running confab over the wall between our yards and brought to a close a chapter in our lives.

The little green ladder that my husband built for our 5-year-old son still rests against our side of the concrete wall. But its yellow twin on the other side of the wall is gone, and so is the little boy who used to climb it.

A few months ago, my son's best friend Zachary moved away. My husband and I lost our next-door neighbors, but Gabriel lost his best friend.

In truth, he didn't lose him. Zachary only moved a few blocks away. The boys still see each other on the playground at school and just about every weekend for playdates.

But the move ended Gabriel and Zachary's running confab over that concrete-block fence one we thought would never end. …

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