Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Miller moths leave their residue on landing locales.(Final)

Byline: The Bugman Richard Fagerlund For the Journal

Q: What are "miller moths"? B.B., Santa Fe A: When you turn your night light on outside and a bunch of moths land on your screen, you are looking at miller moths. Millers are a conglomeration of a number of different species of moths, mostly from the owlet moth family, Noctuidae, but also some other species. They get the name "miller" because the scales on their wings come off on drapes, furniture, clothes or wherever the moths land. The texture of the scale residue is reminiscent of flour that gets on everything in a flour mill.

The larval stage of the millers belonging to the family Noctuidae are the common cutworms you find in your yard. …

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