Aircraft Maintenance Technology

Two-year IA renewal proposal: wolf in a sheepskin jacket?(Publisher's Sign-off)

Officials at the FAA have recently indicated they are considering adopting a two-year IA renewal period--and that the proposal has gone to the FAA's rule-making committee. According to Bill O'Brien in our recent May FAA Feedback, "The committee will decide whether or not to revise 14 CFR section 65.93 to allow for a two-year renewal period."


Well, a two-year IA renewal! Let's see, our IA program can now charge $40 every-other year, instead of $20 once a year! Less work for us and less processing of mechanics, so more money to be made! That's nice! Hmmm, mechanics only have to think about training every other year--less work for them--perhaps less travel! …

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