Aircraft Maintenance Technology

College degrees: what's available and affordable for mechanics.

This article will introduce you to a nationally recognized university that will help A & P mechanics earn either a two-year or four-year college degree. Both the two- and four-year degree programs are fully accredited degrees, that can be earned by using distance learning via the Internet. Also the cost for each degree is well within the average mechanic's budget. Let's get started!


Two-year degree program:

In the April/May 2003 issue of AMT magazine I was privileged to let the aviation maintenance community know about a well-kept secret that was hidden in a small town of 50,000 folks in New Mexico.

The article was titled "What if" and the town is Roswell. Yep! That's the same name that will forever be associated with a supposed flying saucer crash north of the town back in 1947, much to the annoyance of the town's fathers.

Sorry, my little secret in the article two years ago was not about dead aliens in black body bags or blowing the whistle on a government UFO cover-up. The article was all about the Roswell campus of Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU-R) that grants A & P mechanics, 72 college credits toward an 84-credit associate's degree in applied science degree in aviation maintenance technology.

So, if you do the math it will only take another 12 credits to earn the degree; which, back then and still true today, is the highest number of credits an institution of higher learning grants for the A & P certificate. So to earn the degree, you need only to complete four, three-credit-hour courses. The courses are:

Univ 101: Freshman seminar

Eng 102: English composition

Comm 101: Interpersonal


Math 107: Intermediate Algebra

Before your interest in a college degree fades to black because of the algebra requirement, let me whet your appetite with a few other neat things about this university:

1. …

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