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How much is that aircraft worth? ISTAT program certifies the people who answer that important question. (Special Section).(International Society of Transport Aircraft Traders)

When it comes to the above question, the easy answer these days--and one that applies to any type of aircraft--is, "not as much as it used to be."

Still, it is worth something, and determining exactly how much, or a close approximation, depends on all kinds of factors. Some are fixed and tangible, like the model and age of the aircraft and engines and its maintenance condition, and some fluctuate dramatically, like supply and demand.

Both buyers and sellers need expert advice in this area. The buyer wants to make sure he is not getting ripped off and the seller wants some assurance that he is not giving away the store or pricing himself out of the market. That's where the aircraft appraiser comes in.

For 15 years, the International Society of Transport Aircraft Traders has maintained a certification program aimed at testing and recognizing those individuals who have the right stuff when it comes to evaluating the worth of commercial equipment. …

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