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An ugly duckling becomes a swan: under east line's inspired guidance, Moscow's domodedovo Airport has been renovated and aims to achieve Western standards of service. (Airports).

The one legacy left by the Soviet Union to Russia's airports was a sense of dreariness. While they started off as reasonable designs, as time went by little was done to update them, such as repainting their grey exteriors. Even the nation's capital, Moscow, saw little accomplished to develop its airports.

The international airport, Sheremetyevo, long has encountered the wrath of the government for its lack of service and its heavy-handed approach to passengers and cargo. last year, a former deputy prime minister was appointed to take charge and improve it. He was forced to resign in October.

Vnukovo, formerly Moscow's major domestic airport, has seen many of its customers, including Sibir, the country's second-largest airline, leave for a variety of reasons related to poor service. In Sibir's case, it sought transit capability so that passengers continuing their journeys beyond Moscow would not have to reclaim and recheck bags for the next stage of their trips. When the airport said "nyet," Sibir went elsewhere and took about 40% of Vnukovo's passenger traffic with it.

Of all the major airports, Moscow s Domodedovo was undoubtedly the dreariest. Although it was opened in 1964 and thus was one of the youngest major airport developments of the USSR, by the 1990s it was seriously dilapidated. …

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