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Getting pushy: CBA-123 enters flight-test stage, enabling Embraer to keep its promised Farnborough appearance by the pusher turboprop.

Sao Jose dos Campos-Honor and hope are the words that govern the first appearance abroad for Embraer's CBA-1 23, at the Farnborough Air Show this month. The honor comes from the fact that a promise made by Embraer for this year's show when the project was announced in 1986, is fulfilled. And the manufacturer hopes that the aircraft's appearance at the show, with its eye-catching rear-mounted turboprop pushers, will stir sales while establishing a new concept for the 10-20-seat class of commuterliners.

"The CBA-123 is an impressive airplane," says CEO Ozilio Carlos da Silva, and now our potential clients will witness that attractiveness. We so strongly believe in it as its best selling point that we eased off our marketing efforts in the last 12 months. As we started a new concept for the 30-seater class when we launched the Brasilia, now we are pioneers on the state-of-the art road for 19-seaters."

The aircraft-aircraft 801, Brazilian registration PT ZVE-made its inaugural flight on July 18 from Embraer's field here. The aircraft flew for 80 min. in a flight devoted to evaluation of performance, handling and system operation. Its takeoff weight was 18,300 lb., it reached 20,000 ft. and had a cruising IAS of 180 kt. Maneuverability was considered good by the test team of Embraer Chief Test Pilot Gilberto Pedrosa Schittini, assistant test pilot Luiz Alberto Guimarlies Madureira da Silva and an engineer. "All systems were go and the flight went without a hitch," said Schittini afterward.

Tailored for short runways

Embraer also believes that the test flights-prototype 001 will clock 800 flight hr. …

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