Air Transport World

Soviet SST: The Technopolitics of the Tupolev-144.

By Howard Moon. Published by Orion

Books, 225 Park Ave. South, New York,

N.Y, 10003-1673, $24.95.

This is an important book for a number of reasons. First, precious little has been published about civil aviation in the U.S.S.R. and even less about the country's SST effort. The book is timely as momentum gathers among Western nations for another try at developing and producing a practical SST for airline use.

Moon's is a very interesting, if flawed, account of the Soviet SST. Rather than a how-to book, it is more of a how-not-to account of civil-SST development.

One of the most interesting aspects of Moon's book is his brief account of Soviet aviation development, including coverage of the famous designers and their bureaus: Andrei Tupolev, Sergei Ilyushin, Antonov and others. …

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