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A new kind of competitor? (challenges posed by the European Community) (editorial)

A tremendous amount has been said and written about the events in Europe as the 12 members of the European Community move toward 1993. Interest was intensified at the end of last year with the dramatic and unpredicted-at least here in the U.S.-events in the U.S.S.R. and Eastern Europe. According to the view from over here, any fears of the challenge that a united Europe could pose for the U.S. were heightened by the possibilities of an Eastern Europe free to boost the growing power of the EC.

Again according to the view from here, the U.S. is facing its second major economic challenge since the end of World War 11, the first being the dramatic growth of the economies of Japan and its neighbors around the Pacific Rim. The fears center around a united European economy that could shut the U.S. out.

These fears are mirrored in the airline industry and by the manufacturers who serve it. …

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