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Where pilots take wing: in addition to United, more than 150 commercial, governmental, and private aircraft operators have relied on the state-of-the-art United Flight Training Center to train their pilots. (Advertisement).

You're in the cockpit of a Boeing 747, your eyes lead from a cluster of controls, monitors, and lights to the clear morning sky and the main runway below. Within a few minutes, you feel the plane's wheels gently kiss the ground. The next thing you know, you're taking off again, this time into a beautiful sunset. A breathtaking view of a coastline soon appears below your aircraft.

Getting Real / Sound like a dream? It's reality for pilots from airlines all over the world. The United Flight Training Center in Denver, Colorado, is the world's largest flight training facility. With a staff of more than 1,400 dedicated professionals, it trains more than 10,000 pilots a year. The center not only trains United's pilots, but, through the efforts of United Services, it also trains pilots from other carriers. …

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