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A question of acceptance. (Cyprus Turkish Airlines is based in a country recognized only by Turkey)

Nicosia-Cyprus Turkish Airlines has only one problem-but it is a big one. The airline is established in a country that no nation other than Turkey recognizes. Hence, it is unable to fly to destinations other than those in Turkey. And as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has not been accepted into United Nations membership and therefore is not eligible for ICAO membership, there are no bilateral agreements with other governments-expect Turkey-that would give traffic rights to Cyprus Turkish Airlines.

Although IATA gave the carrier an official number and a designator (YK), the trade organization's constitution restricts membership to airlines of nations that are eligible for ICAO membership. Still, until 1987, Cyprus Turkish was allowed to attend IATA timetable-coordinating meetings as an observer. But the permission was withdrawn during that year. Cyprus Airways, the carrier of the Republic of Cyprus in the southern part of the island, is a full IATA member-the Republic of Cyprus is a member of ICAO.

The head off ices of both Cyprus Turkish Airlines and Cyprus Airways are in the city of Nicosia, the location of the two governments. Nicosia, as is the rest of the island, is divided by a buffer zone that is patrolled by U.N. forces. Apart from these personnel, no one is allowed to cross the buffer zone. Nicosia Airport, the former technical and operational base of Cyprus Airways, is in the buffer zone and has been converted into a parking lot for vehicles of the U. …

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