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Broader horizons for Interflug. (new management for East German airline)

Berlin-East Germany's Interflug has adopted an entirely new management structure to safeguard its survival as an independent airline after German reunification. At the same time, it has embarked on an appraisal of its entire route structure-expected to be completed this month-after which decisions will be made swiftly on the types of aircraft to acquire for fleet renewal.

A state enterprise, Inteflug not only embraces the airline per se and all East German airports and ATC but agricultural and industrial divisions as well, each of which has divisional directors who report directly to the president, Dr. Klaus Henkes.

For some time, Henkes and Lufthansa Chairman Heinz Ruhnau have been in contact but perhaps significantly, since the Berlin Wall was breached last Nov. 9, they have met each week, mostly in private, in cities and resorts throughout Europe.

The outcome has been an agreement to cooperate over a wide range of activities such as training, catering and a rationalization of air services between the two existing Germanys.

26% equity to Lufthansa

The most significant outcome is a restructure of Interflug based on the Lufthansa pattern, the West German airline having agreed to take a 26% equity interest. Now, an 8-member supervisory board-two of whom were nominated by Lufthansa-controls Interflug, with Henkes as chairman.

At a second level, there is a 5-member executive board headed by Andreas Kramer that is responsible for marketing and sales. …

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