Air Transport World

The smoking lamp is out. (smoking soon to be banned on all air flights) (editorial)

When Europeans discovered the Western Hemisphere in the 15th century, two curses were exchanged. The indigenous population, misnamed "Indians," received a variety of European diseases that quickly decimated populations. In return, the Indians gave the Europeans tobacco. The Indians clearly got the better half of the deal.

The harmful effects of smoking tobacco have been long suspected and, in the past several decades, scientifically substantiated. But the cries of nonsmokers offended by nearby puffers' effluence largely were ignored until two things happened. The ranks of aggravated nonsmokers and their resolved to control their environment swelled substantially just as new research proved that being close to a smoking cigarette, cigar or pipe can cause injury through the breathing of tobacco smoke in the air. Armed with the new facts about "secondary smoking," the enlarged and invigorated ranks of nonsmoking activists began to make headway in their legal and political campaigns to protect their right to breathe uncontaminated air. …

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