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'Globalization': where do commuters fit? (Lou's Corner)(Commuter/Regional World) (column)

"Globalization" and "global village" are new buzzwords that are being used generously and wiht purpose wherever airline leaders meet to discuss the future course of air transportation. At the 15th annual FAA Forecasting Conference in Washington, D.C. last March 2, FAA Administrator James Busey said that, considering the rate of technological change [that] we are witnessing today, we are only at the dawn of the global-village era, in an age when technological miracles are coming at a very fast rate."

In a keynote speech to nearly 500, Busey asked his audience to consider the vast number of "fantastic" capabilities coming out of, or due to emerge from the laboratory. "The hypersonic transport will make crossing the Pacific a routine flight of 2 hr. …

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