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Asia/Pacific. (World Airlines Report 1989)

Aerolift: The new Philippine carrier currently is operating light aircraft but plans to acquire one or more 737-200s this year.

Air Caledonie: The Noumea domestic carrier boarded 160,000 passengers in 1989, down slightly from its 1988 total.

Air Caledonie International: Outstanding traffic growth continued through the first nine months of 1989, the latest period for which figures were available. Passenger boardings were up 23% to 55,234 and RPKs saw growth of 41% to 1.1 million.

Air China: The former Beijing division of CAAC operates all of China's long-haul international services, primarily with eight 747s. It fleet also includes six 767-200ERs, five 707s, five 737s, four Tridents and four BAe 146s. Its 1989 traffic results could not be obtained.

Air Hong Kong: Entrance into scheduled cargo carriage highlighted 1989, which launched character cargo operations in early 1988. The first scheduled route serves Manchester and the carrier also has received authority for 14 other cities in Europe and the Far East.

In 1989, Air Hong Kong flew 62.6 million FTKs, up 161.2% from 1988, in its three 707 freighters. It expects its traffic to increase by 81.7% this year.

Air-India: Flat passenger traffic, an increase in freight and good gains in revenues and operating profits marked 1989 at India's flag carrier.

On the passenger front, boardings were up a scant 0.2% to 2,167,303, RPKs dipped 0.3% to 9.1 billion and FTKs climbed 7.8% to 572 million. The 1990 forecast is for growth of 9.6% in passengers, 9.5% in RPKs and 0.4% in FTKs.

Revenues rose 6.2% last year to $791.3 million and operating income was up to $58.6 million from $43.1 million. Net, however, was off to $23.4 million from $28.1 million.

Air-India has adopted a new corporate-identity program that includes a complete redesign of its aircraft interiors "with a focus on luxury, style and comfort." In November, it added Baghdad to its route network and this past March it started service to Fujairah.

Air Lanka: Healthy traffic growth continued in 1989 at Sri Lanka's national carrier. Passenger boardings rose 6% to 744,494, RPKs jumped 9% to 2.65 billion and FTKs soared 22.2% to 73.2 million.

Air Melanesia: The regional carrier, based in Vanuatu, halted operations in November after a proposed merger with Vanair fell through. Air Melanesia flew two Bandeirantes, three Twin Otters, three Islanders and a Trislander.

Air Moorea: Traffic was essentially level at the Tahitian carrier in 1989, with passenger boardings and RPKs both rising 0.8% to 157,946 and 3.16 million respectively. Growth of 2.5% is foreseen this year. Air Moorea flies six Islanders, two Twin Otters and three Piper twins and will add three more Islanders to its fleet this year.

Air Nelson: Half owned by Air New Zealand, the third-level carrier serves New Zealand's South Island. It is taking delivery of three Metro IIIs this year. Its 1989 traffic results were not available.

Air New Zealand: Good growth in traffic, revenues and profits highlighted 1989 at New Zealand's national carrier, which joined the TWA and Midway frequent-flier programs during the year.

ANZ posted increases of 2.8% to 4,604,685 in passengers, 8.3% to 10.6 billion in RPKs and 5.2% to 1.3 billion in FTKs last year. In its fiscal year, revenues rose 10.8% to just over $1 billion to produce an operating income of $125.7 million, up from $118.5 million in 1988, and a net of $42.2 million, up from $39.6 million.

Air Nippon: All Nippon Airways' domestic subsidiary reported outstanding growth in 1989. Passenger boardings soared 53.4% to 2,337,250, RPKs surged 72.5% to 716.1 million and FTKs skyrocketed 137% to 2.1 million. Load factor was a healthy 72.3%.

Air Niugini: Through November, the latest period for which it reported data, the national carrier of Papua New Guinea was showing increases of 9.7% to 628,410 in passengers, 10.8% to 584 million in RPKs and 13.2% to 12.5 million in FTKs.

Air Ocean Indien: Based on the island of Reunion, the newly formed carrier is an offshoot of Air Outre Mer, a private French airline based in Paris.

Air Pacific: Introduction of Boeing 747 service to Tokyo in 1988 and Melbourne in 1989 sent the Fijian carrier's RPKs soaring 48.7% last year to 802.4 million. Passenger boardings were up 12.1% to 348,914.

Air Saigon: The privately owned Vietnamese carrier, formed earlier this year, is operating a leased 747-400 once weekly between Ho Chi Minh City and Paris. It plans to lease two unspecified Airbus aircraft for use on regional routes to Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila, Hong Kong and Australia. …

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