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NTSB member John Goglia. (Interview).(National Transportation Safety Board)(Brief Article)(Interview)

As the first airline mechanic to be appointed to the National Transportation Safety Board, John Goglia brings real-world, hands-on aviation experience to the preeminent accident investigation authority. In his seven years at NTSB he has been a strong advocate for increased research into human factors and training as well as airport safety issues. Prior to joining the board in 1995, Goglia spent 29 years at US Airways and its predecessor companies as a mechanic and a union flight safety representative on accident investigation teams. He began his airline career at United Airlines.

* What originally attracted you to aviation?

My mother worked for American Airlines. As a kid I lived in the shadow of Boston Logan Airport. I mean, truly in the shadow. And every day after we got our of school myself and another guy rode our bicycles down to the airport. I learned to fly in 1959 when I was 15 years old. …

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