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V2500: 'quietest in the world.' (International Aero Engines' V2500 turbofan engine)

V2500: `Quietest in the world'

Development problems behind, International Aero Engines draws a bead on its chief competitor, anticipates $20 billion sales over 10 years.

London--With the technical problems that dogged the development phase of its V2500 turbofan out of the way and with sales to the Airbus A320/A321 and the McDonnell Douglas MD-90 apparently taking off, the 5-nation International Aero Engines partnership is gearing up to chase its main competitor in the 120/180-seat airliner market, the CFM International (GE/SNECMA) CFM56.

The company says that it has orders worth $7 billion; that proposals to airlines currently in the marketplace are worth $10 billion and that it anticipates sales of $20 billion over the next 10 years.

The first engines entered service on A320s in May, 1989 and completed the first 50,000 hr. of flying after 15 months. IAE said there have been no in-flight shutdowns during this period and that only two engines were removed for maintenance. The company claims that A320s powered by its engine used about 5% less fuel than those powered by the competition and were shown to be cleaner burning as well as "significantly quieter" inside and outside the cabin.

The V2500 engine family

Engine     Thrust (lb.)   Aircraft
V2525-A1   25,000         A320-200
V2522-D2   22,000         MD-90-10
V2525-D1   25,000         MD-90-30
V2528-D5   28,000         MD-90-40
V2530-A5   30,000         A321-100
V2525-A5   25,000         A320-200

In October, 1989, IAE signed an agreement to put the V2500 on the 120-180-seat MD-90 family of airliners. …

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