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Maintenance directory 2002.(Brief Article)

The Ameiricas

* AAR Aircraft Services-Oklahoma

Parent: AAR Corp.

6611 South Meridian, Will Rogers World Airport, Oklahoma City, Okla. 73159 USA

Phone: +1 405-218-3000

Fax: +1 405-218-3614



Key specialties: Narrowbody heavy maintenance, modification, exterior refinishing, refurbishment.

Modifications performed: Structural, LOPA.

Employees: 325.

Principal airframes serviced: 707, 727, 737, DC-9, MD-80, MD-90.

Checks: Through D.

Hangar area: 300,000 sq. ft.

Separate paint hangar: Yes.

Certifying agencies: FAA, JAA.

Additional services: Avionics installation & repair, wheel & brake overhaul, aircraft storage, line maintenance support, retail & contract into-plane fueling, passenger terminal services.

Fastest-growing business: Regional airline maintenance.

* Aeroman

Parent: Grupo TACA

International Airport of El Salvador, San Luis Talpa, La Paz, El Salvador;

Mailing address: Building 706, Gate 36, 1751 NW 68th Avenue, Miami, Fla. 33126 USA

Phone: +503 339-7579

Fax: +503 339-9627



Key specialties: Heavy maintenance featuring state-of-the-art automated labor & materials control systems.

Modifications performed: Hushkit installations, heavy structural mods, full interior reconfigurations, interior painting, major installations.

Employees: 1,045.

Principal airframes serviced: 727, 737,757, 767, A300, A320 series.

Principal engines serviced: Light maintenance on CFM56-3, V2500, CF6-80, JT8D, RB211.

Checks: Up to D.

Hangar area: 118,000 sq. ft.--4 narrowbody, 2 widebody bays.

Widebody capable: Yes.

Separate paint hangar: Yes.

Certifying agencies: FAA, JAA, DGTA El Salvador, DGCS Guatemala, DGAC Costa Rica, DNA Argentina, UAEAC Colombia, DGAC Chile.

Additional services: Avionics upgrades; CPCP, SSID checks; engineering; aircraft planning; fleet forwarding; component repair; reliability & performance services for LRUs, APUs, engines; training services.

* AeroThrust Corp.

P.O. Box 522236, Miami, Fla. 33152 USA

Phone: +1 305-871-1790

Fax: +1 305-526-7388



Key specialties: Repair, maintenance, overhaul of JT8D engines.

Modifications performed: HIS, MC, MO, OH, Stage 3 hushkit, conversions.

Employees: 200.

Principal engines serviced: JT8D-all series.

Certifying agencies: FAA, JAA, CAAC, DNA Argentina, DCA Netherlands Antilles, Indonesia.

Additional services: Field service 24/7 worldwide, video borescope analysis & documentation, borescope blending, ECM2, engine sales & leasing, component repair, parts sales.

Fastest-growing business: Dash 200 series HIS, OH.

* AeroMexico

Av. Fuerza Aerea Mexicana No. 416, Medco City, Mexico

Phone: +52 55 51 33 5484

Fax: +52 55 51 33 5390



Key specialties: Heavy maintenance, turnaround & overnight, NDT.

Modifications performed: Interiors, hushkit installations, avionics, components.

Employees: 1,200.

Principal airframes serviced: DC-9, MD-80, 727, 757, 767.

Principal engines serviced: PW2000, PW4000, JT8D. Checks: A through D.

Hangar area: Mexico City 766,203 sq. ft., Guadalajara 1,371,333 sq. ft.

Widebody capable: Yes.

Certifying agencies: FAA, DGAC, DNA.

Additional services: ADs, modifications, aging aircraft, CPCP, SBs.

Fastest-growing business: Heavy maintenance.

* Air Canada Technical Services

Parent: Air Canada

Box 9000, Montreal International Airport, Dorval, PQ H4Y 1C2 Canada

Phone: +1 514-422-7010

Fax: +15 514-422-7706

(Attn. Marketing & Sales)



Description: Full-service maintenance provider with complete overhaul & repair capabilities for heavy engine maintenance, airframes, components, line maintenance, training.

Employees: 8,000.

Principal airframes serviced: P300-600, P310, P320 family, P330, P340, 737, 767.

Principal engines serviced: JT9D7A through -7J-74RD, CFM56-2A/-2C/-5A, PW4052, PW4056, PW4060, PW4062.

Checks: Service checks, phase checks, all letter checks.

Hangar area: 120,000 sq. m. in four centers (Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver).

Widebody capable: Yes.

Separate paint hangar Yes.

Certifying agencies: Transport Canada, FAA/JAA via bilaterals, CAAQ

Additional services: APU/component MRO, line maintenance services, maintenance training, inventory & logistics, engineering, technical records management, on-wing engine support, engine component repairs, interiors, aging inspection, aircraft modifications, AD compliance, hushkitting, CPCP, composite repairs, landing gears. Fastest-growing businesses: Engine, airframe & component overhauls.

* American Airlines

Parent: AMR Corporation

P.O. Box 582809, MD 284, Tulsa, Olka. 74158-2809 USA

(Contact Darryl Caldwell, Manager-Maintenance Marketing)

Phone: +1 918-292-2676

Fax: +1 918-292-2717


Key specialties: All levels of maintenance on airframes, engines & landing gear listed below.

Employees: 19,500.

Principal airframes serviced: 737, 757, 767, 777, A300, MD-80.

Principal engines serviced: JT8D-200, CFM56-7, CF6-7/-50/-80A/80C2.

Checks: Through C.

Hangar area: Fort Worth 781,000 sq. ft.; Tulsa 1,340,200 sq. ft.; Kansas City 1,176,000 sq. ft.

Widebody capable: Yes.

Certifying agencies: FAA, JAA.

Additional services: APU, component & landing gear overhaul & repair.

Fastest-growing businesses: APU & engine maintenance.

* Associated Air Center

Parent: Piedmont Hawthorne

8321 Lemmon Avenue, Dallas, Tex., 75209 USA

Phone: +1 214-350-4111

Fax: +1 214-358-7620


Key specialties: Head-of-state, VIP, executive conversions.

Modifications performed: Interiors; auxiliary fuel rank, airstair, APU installations; avionics mods; entertainment, communications, additional water & humidifier systems; interior design, upholstery, manufacturing.

Employees: 200 maintenance, 300 interiors.

Principal airframes serviced: 707, 727, 737, 757, 767, 747, BBJ, DC-9, DC-8, A320.

Principal engines serviced: JT3, JT8, 93211, CFM56.

Checks: C, D.

Hangar area: 200,000 sq. ft.

Widebody capable: Yes.

Certifying agencies: FAA, JAA, Saudi PCA, Bermuda, Grand Cayman.

Fastest-growing businesses: Interior refurbishment, engineering DER services.

* Avmax Group

Parent: Western Avionics

380 MacTavish Place NW, Calgary, AB, T2E 7G5 Canada

Phone: +1 403-735-3299

Fax: +1 403-735-0766



Key specialties: Heavy maintenance & inspection, modification, retrofit, avionics, mobile repair parties, startup & training support.

Modifications performed: HGS, TCAS, GPS, EFIS, EGPWS, Ti Beam, cargo conversion, APU, galley retrofit, fuel quantity indicators, VIP interior, many more.

Employees: 200.

Principal airframe serviced: BAe 146.

Checks: C.

Hangar area: 50,000 sq. ft.

Certifying agencies: Transport Canada, FAA, JAA.

Additional services: Corporate & Regional contract pilots, flight attendants, training captains, simulator instructors; ferry flight support.

Fastest-growing business: Maintenance.

* Avtel Services

Parent: Telford Group

16880 Avtel Drive, Mojave, Calif, USA.

Phone: +1 661-824-4517

Fax: +1 661-824-5103



Key specialties: Heavy maintenance, CPCP, ADs/SBs, exterior & interior appearance services.

Modifications performed: Structural.

Employees: 300.

Principal airframes serviced: All Boeing, Douglas, Airbus.

Checks: A, B, C, D.

Hangar area: 75,000 sq. ft.

Widebody capable: Yes.

Separate paint hangar: Yes.

Certifying agencies: FAA, JAA.

Additional services: Component repair & overhaul, aircraft storage.

Fastest-growing business: Heavy maintenance.

* BAE Systems-Victorville

Parent: BAE Systems

13010 Aerospace Drive, Victorville, Calif. 92394 USA

Phone: +1 760-530-1767 or tollfree +1 866-218-3200

Fax: +1 760-246-5159 or tollfree +1 866-277-4720



Key specialties: Heavy maintenance checks, modifications, passenger-to-freighter conversions.

Modifications performed: Cockpit door security, passenger-to-freighter conversions.

Employees: 90+.

Principal airframes serviced: 757, 767, DC-9, DC-10, MD-11, MD-80.

Checks: Up to C, all aircraft.

Hangar area: 100,000 sq. ft.

Widebody capable: Yes.

Certifying agency FAA.

Additional services: Aircraft parking & long-term storage.

Fastest-growing business: Heavy maintenance checks.

* The Boeing Co.

Boeing Commercial Airplanes, P.O. Box 3707, Seattle, Wash. 98124 USA

Phone: +1 206-655-1131


Key specialties: Aircraft manufacture, aviation services provider (maintenance, modifications).

Modifications performed: Airframe systems updates, freighter conversions, interior mods.

Employees: Approximately 173,000.

Principal airframes serviced: All Boeing models.

Certifying agencies: FAA & all global counterparts.

Additional services: Avionics, IFE mods.

* Cascade Aerospace

1337 Townline Road, Abbotsford, BC, V2T 6E1 Canada

Phone: +1 604-850-7372

Fax: +1 604-557-2655



Key specialties: Heavy maintenance, repair, overhaul, modification of 737s.

Modifications performed: Lap joint, post-delivery, BS178, winglet mods.

Employees: 380.

Principal airframes serviced: 737-200 through dash 900.

Checks: All letter checks.

Hangar area: 250,000 sq. ft.

Separate paint hangar: In-dock painting.

Certifying agencies: FAA, JAA, Transport Canada.

Additional services: Conversions & reconfigurations, avionics installations & upgrades, new interiors, aircraft painting, engineering services.


Parent: Ministry of Defense Entrada 1 Interior 2, Aeropuerto Eldorado, Santafe de Bogota, Colombia

Phone: +57 1 4139735

Fax: +57 1 4138673



Key specialties: Aircraft maintenance.

Modifications performed: Structural mod fur AD/SB, STC applications.

Employees: 120.

Principal airframes serviced: 707, 727, DC-9.

Principal engines serviced: JT3D, JT8D.

Checks: A, B, C, D.

Hangar area: 12,000 sq. m.

Widebody capable: Yes.

Certifying agency: Aeronautics Civil Colombiana.

Additional services: Free trade zone.

Fastest-growing businesses: Maintenance, free trade zone.

* Commodore Aviation

Parent: Bedek Aviation Group of Israel Aircraft Industries

P.O. Box 661078, Miami, FL. 33266 USA

Phone: +1 305-869-1922

Fax: +1 305-869-1952


Key specialties: Comprehensive range of services including heavy maintenance on various aircraft.

Modifications performed: Structural repairs & mod, aging aircraft programs, CPCP, interior refurbishment, hushkit installation.

Principal airframes serviced: 707, 727,737, 757, DC-8, DC-9, DC-10, MD-80.

Employees: 350.

Checks: A, B, C, D.

Hangar area: 105,000 sq. ft. fully enclosed.

Widebody capable: Yes.

Certifying agencies: FAA, and numerous foreign government approvals.

Additional services: Sheet metal & composite repairs, NDT, avionics/aircraft system upgrades & mods, line maintenance, AOG field team services, logistic support services, aircraft painting.

* Coopesa R.L.

300 Mts. West from Juan Sanmmaria International Airport, San Jose 229, Costa Rica

Phone: +506 437 2828

Fax: +506 437 2829



Key specialties: Heavy maintenance, line maintenance.

Modifications performed: Aging aircraft programs, cargo conversions, CPCP, hushkitting, interiors.

Employees: 750.

Principal airframes serviced: 727, 737, MD-80, DC-8. DC-9.

Principal engines serviced: CFM56, JT3D, JT8D-7/-9/-15/-17.

Checks: A, B, C, Don airframes; C, D on engines; HIS, borescope on JT8D.

Hangar area: 86,000 sq. ft.

Certifying agencies: FAA, JAA, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Panama, Aruba, Guatemala.

Additional services: Composite repairs, avionics, NDT, machining/plating, painting/stripping.

Fastest-growing business: Heavy maintenance.

* Dalfort Aerospace L.P.

Parent: Singapore Technologies Engineering

7701 Lemmon Avenue, Dallas, Tex. 75209 USA

Phone: +1 214-358-6111

Fax: +1 214-902-0935



Key specialties: Airframe inspections, maintenance, repairs.

Modifications performed: Aging aircraft structural mods, CPCP, interior retrofit & reconfiguration, lower cargo compartment fire control & extinguisher installation, passenger-to-freighter conversions, Stage 3 hushkit installation, 737 lap joint mods, 737 station 178 bulkhead mods. …

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