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Building a support system in Russia: East Line will provide the first support and maintenance services in Russia for Western aircraft, opening a new market for manufacturers. (M & E).(Brief Article)

For the past decade, Western aircraft manufacturers have been looking at Russia and the CIS as markets with substantial potential. With falling traffic and revenues and increasing costs, however, those markets have not developed to anywhere near their expectations. But the growing traffic of the past two years and the decline in Russian aircraft production, combined with signs that the substantial import taxes payable on foreign aircraft may be reduced in the near future, have sharpened expectations again.

Now the major Western players are reconfirming their commitment to the Russian market, with EADS/Airbus announcing plans to spend some $2 billion in Russia in the next decade and Boeing highlighting the $1.3 billion it already has spent-although much of this has been on space programs and raw materials such as titanium.

Boeing's recent announcement of a partnership with East Line marks a new step forward. …

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