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European skies. (Editorial).(evaluation of European air traffic management)(Brief Article)(Editorial)

European air traffic management, after decades of pathetic performance, has become a full-fledged disgrace that cannot be tolerated. No longer is this a matter of delay and inefficiency. Last month's catastrophic midair collision over southern Germany makes it clear that nothing less than a complete overhaul of the structure of European ATM is required to insure it completes its primary mission--keeping airplanes apart.

The European Union has put an end to many anachronistic barriers between nations. And while local resistance has hindered some advances, impressive strides have increased cooperation and reduced restrictions to cross-border travel and commerce.

Even in air traffic control, where a multitude of sovereign states and numerous associations of various memberships make synchronization difficult at best, an action plan has been formulated that can work With 68 national and local ATM centers, European coordination through the 38 nations in the European Civil Aviation Conference, which overlaps membership with the 31 nations in Eurocontrol and the 15 nations in the EU, achieved a remarkable consensus on several major advances, including the ATM 2000+ Strategy. …

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