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Compass offers a new direction ... a Capitol idea. (Compass Airlines, Capitol Airlines) (company profile)

Melbourne-The incumbent carriers are pretty cocky when it comes to talking about new entrants. Ansett General Manager Graeme McMahon could just as easily have been speaking for Australian and East-West when he threatened to knock them over every time they put their heads up." But when the bluster dies down and the talk gets serious, they are willing to admit that at least one, Compass Airlines, could cause problems. That's because Compass is the brainchild of one Bryan Grey, the former owner of East-West Airlines, who made a small fortune when he sold it in 1983. A deregulation study by the Australian Federation of Travel Agents describes Grey as "shrewd and experienced. With more than 30 years in Australian aviation, he is seen as the only potential operator with the knowledge and the skills to compete with Ansett and Australian." Grey is living up to those expectations. Last fall, anxious to secure aircraft delivery positions in a tight market, he reached into his own pocket to put down deposits on five A300-60ORs. …

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