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Canada. (ATW's World Airline Report).(Brief Article)(Statistical Data Included)

Air Canada: Joining the 2001 trend of losses, Air Canada stood out for branding its various operations and for its government's displeasure at its near monopoly position. AC launched a low-fare airline called Tango, christened its charter operation ACJetz and, this spring, rebranded its Regional airline operation Air Canada Jazz and launched a second low-fare airline, Zip, in western Canada. The Tango service started in early November operating A320s and now is flying on high-traffic routes throughout the country. AC Jetz uses three 737s and Zip begins flying this summer with six 737-200s.

After Transport Minister David Collenette late last year said Air Canada must reduce its market share from 80% or face reregulation, AC President and CEO Robert Milton proposed that Canada and the US start moving toward a modified sixth-freedom agreement as a steppingstone to full cabotage to bring in US carrier competition. …

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