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Singapore pushing major status. (fifth Asian Aerospace Exhibition, Conference and Airshow)

Singapore-The fifth Asian Aerospace Exhibition, Conference and Airshow, more commonly known as the Singapore Air Show, has begun to take on the appearance and luster of a major air show on the order of Paris or Farnborough. While still substantially smaller in terms of exhibition space and numbers of aircraft, products and attendees, the '90 show had a high degree of quality exhibitors and manufacturer corporate officers," confirming the growing importance of the region in world commerce in general and specifically in air-transport traffic.

The show had some 950 exhibiting companies and 50,400 sq. meters of exhibit space, up from 674 companies and nearly 40,000 sq. meters in 1988. Also evidence of growth was the existence of 77 chalets of a type equal to those found at Paris or Farnborough, up sharply from 30 in 1988. And there were 53 aircraft, up from 44 in 1988. The limited flying display did, however, feature the only large transport at the show, the Ilyushin 11-96-300.

It was fitting that the dominant topic of conversation was a program-the Boeing 767X, also known as the 777-that is targeted largely for the Pacific region. …

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