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Looking for Mr. Fixit; Luftansa shows the way in providing maintenance for western-built transports being operated by East European airlines.

Lufthansa shows the way in providing maintenance for Western-built transports being operated by East European airlines. Others want in. By Arthur Reed.

London-Glasnost among the airlines of Eastern Europe, leading to decisions by many of them to break their traditional ties with Soviet aerospace to acquire Westernmade transports, is opening whole new areas of opportunity for the engineering departments of carriers in the rest of the world. The trend is already running strongly, with Lufthansa the biggest beneficiary to date.

The West German airline has the following maintenance contracts covering Western-made airliners now, or soon to be, in service with the fleets of airlines from what used to be called the iron Curtain countries: Interflug of East Germany, three Airbus A310-300s; CSA of Czechoslovakia, two A310-300s-yet to be delivered as of this writing; Aeroflot, five A310-300s-the Soviet airline has signed a memorandum of understanding with Airbus and Lufthansa has signed a letter of intent for the engineering work-and a further five A310300s on option; Malev of Hungary, three Boeing 737-200s leased from GPA; Tarom of Romania, four airline-standard Boeing 707s and two VIP-configured 707s. Fixing 767s for LOT

SAS has been contracted by LOT, of Poland, about carrying out maintenance at its Copenhagen base on 1,500 comporients on three Boeing 767s, two dash 200ERs already in service and a dash 300ER that is due this summer, and has subcontracted the airplanes' GE CF6-80 turbofans to KLM in Amsterdam as the Dutch airline has done this work tor many years within the KSSU engineering consorium of KLM, SAS, Swissair and UTA. …

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