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Modest expectations: given the state of the airline industry, this year's Farnborough show is likely to be more talk than action. (Air Show).(Brief Article)

Space was sold out before the end of 2001," says the organizer of the biennial Farnborough Air Show, the Society of British Aerospace Companies, yet there is a tentative air about the upcoming gathering of the industry in England, July 22-28.

This tentative feeling is most evident on the civil side of the aerospace business for the military/defense part is active indeed, with shooting wars underway and a good prospect of more to come. But civil manufacturers are in the middle of a slump--or the early days, if you rake the pessimists' view--and appear to be holding back their spending. Most manufacturers believe that production will not begin to expand until 2004 at the earliest, with many airlines having deferred 2001 and 2002 deliveries into 2003.

The main area of activity in the civil sector that has remained vital despite the downturn is the low-fare carrier group. …

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