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Y2K is A-OK.(Brief Article)

Airlines and air traffic control centers around the world successfully managed the Year 2000 rollover with only a few minor glitches reported, none affecting safety of flight. Typical was the experience of Japan Airlines, which had nine aircraft airborne at Japan's Y2K rollover (1500 GMT Dec. 31) and reported "no irregularities." JAL subsequently had 51 aircraft in the air at GMT rollover (0900 JST Jan. 1) and again reported no irregularities.

US Majors likewise reported normal operations, while FAA stated that the US ATC system successfully rolled over with no disruptions of service. In a letter sent to President Bill Clinton, FAA Administrator Jane Garvey, who was airborne on a commercial airline at GMT rollover, repeated the message sent by Orville and Wilbur Wright upon completion of the first powered flight at Kitty Hawk: "Success [stop] Inform press [stop]. …

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