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Turning bookings into passengers.

Flight firming boosts revenues by enforcing ticketing time limits

Ticketed passengers are much more likely to show up for a flight than those who merely hold reservations, and a simple way to transform bookings into seat-occupying bodies is to enforce ticketing time limits on the travel agencies that generate up to 80% of an airline's business.

This is the premise behind the robotic flight-firming product developed by Airline Automation Inc. of Tucson, Ariz., and now in use by nearly a dozen carriers and being tested by several others, including Delta and Mexicana. Offered in service bureau form, flight firming is a module of AAI's Predator line, which "deals with most of the back-office reservations processing that airlines have to do," says Executive VP Frank Arciuolo.

The automated flight-firming tool was an outgrowth of the company's work in auditing CR8 booking fees for a number of airlines and submitting requests for refunds for bogus or speculative bookings. …

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