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The great migration.(air carriers to adopt Internet Protocol)(Brief Article)

Adoption of Internet Protocol for IT is inevitable, experts say

Delegates at SITA's 50th anniversary summit of air transport executives and IT industry leaders didn't waste time looking back. The theme was "celebrating the future" and the future, conferees conceded, will be intertwined increasingly with the Internet.

Industry managers in varying degrees perceive migration to the infrastructure of the Internet and Internet Protocol as crucial for future success. IP already is becoming the dominant standard worldwide, according to SITA Director General John Watson, embracing both data and voice.

"It is a quiet revolution that will soon impact almost every aspect of our lives, and also lead to a huge demand for extra bandwidth ... IP will undoubtedly act as the road map to the IT-enabled airline of the future," he said.

"While 10% of airlines currently sell tickets online, by 2001 almost 80% will," said Peter Heath, SITA's president for north, east and central Europe. "Internet technologies are also important in integrating various systems across the airline as well as across the airport ... providing total management."

Significantly, 85% of respondents to a study cosponsored by SITA reported they have begun to move their IT systems to IP, and a majority of those that have not expect to move within the next two years. …

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