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Stealth airliner.

Largest of a long line of Boeing twinjets, the 737-900 is progressing through development quietly

Nature cannot hate a vacuum any more than Boeing hates a gap in its aircraft family lineup when that gap is occupied by an Airbus product profiting from Boeing's absence, The 737-900 was a late add to the 737NG series to address the unanswered challenge posed by Airbus's A321, an aircraft that has proved very popular with customers of the European consortium.

The 737NG line presents a wide range of sizes--all the way from the 737-800 down to the 737-600, a 110-seater that does battle with the A318 in cooperation with the 107-seat 717. However, the top end was a bit limited. While the dash 800 can squeeze 189 passengers into its cabin, it is a tight 30- in-pitch squeeze as opposed to the A32l's ability to seat 185 in two-class comfort. …

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