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SR Technics shows off.(maintenance services for A330/340 aircraft)(Brief Article)

Swissair affiliate aims to be world's choice for A330/340 heavy maintenance

Three years ago we were a world-renowned McDonnell Douglas shop and we didn't even know how to spell Airbus Industrie A330," said Hans Ulrich Beyeler, president and CEO of SR Technics, the engineering arm of Swissair. "Moving over (to A330) has been a dramatic reorientation for us. Douglas aircraft are still in the fleet, but it's now a dead-end road."

Beyeler was speaking here to 40 representatives of 20 airlines from around the world, all operators or soon-to-be operators of A330s and/or A340s, who had come to hear how SR Technics is coping with taking on a new heavy widebody type. They also had the message heavily drummed home that the company, with its Qualiflyer partners Sabena and Austrian Airlines, is setting out to become a world center for third-party heavy overhaul of the two latest members of the Airbus family.

By 2006, Swissair, which currently has 747-300s, MD-11s and various Airbus types in its fleet, will be all-Airbus. Beyeler said, "Let's not try to play all the pianos and all the instruments. We know certain aircraft and let's know them down to the last nut and bolt." He added: "In Europe, cooperation with other airlines in the Qualiflyer group is giving economies of scale. …

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