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Carry on regardless or That certainly is a purse.(carry-on-baggage aboard airlines)

The carry-on-baggage issue has been a thorn in the side of airlines, persisting largely because they refuse to face up to the issue for fear of offending customers. In a self-perpetuating disaster loop, manufacturers providing bigger and bigger bins have encouraged passengers to carry bigger and bigger bags. Size is one problem; the number of bags brought aboard is another.

Periodically, airlines take bold stands to announce strict new carry-on rules, followed by statements such as: "This time, we're not kidding," and: "Hey, we're serious here," before devolving to a pathetic: "Is anyone listening?" U.S. carriers have been begging FAA to issue rules on the subject so the airlines could pass the buck to the feds--"FAA regulations require Knowing how to spot a public relations ambush, the agency wisely has kept its distance. …

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