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Pratt's aggressive stand.(Pratt & Whitney launches new turbofan engine)

Launched just one week before Asian Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney's PW8000 geared-turbofan project drew not only attention but also a good deal of speculation about its direction. Launched without a candidate airframe platform, the engine must be called a speculative effort, albeit an effort needed to boost Pratt's future prospects.

The PW8000 is the centerpiece of a $1.4 billion group of developments in Pratt to expand its market presence. At the low end of the market is the PW6000, a 18,000-24,000-lb.thrust engine for the 100-seat twinjet market, a $500 million development effort.

The PW8000, another $500 million effort, will use the PW6000 core mated with a 76-79-in-diameter fan driven by a gearbox that will allow both the turbine and the fan to run at the best speeds for those functions, Pratt said. …

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