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Boeing, Airbus pause.(Asian Aerospace '98 aircraft show)

Asian Aerospace '98 was quiet, if not sedate, for Airbus Industrie and Boeing Commercial Airplane Group. The standard of success at the Singapore show was not order announcements but a convincing tale about customers not canceling existing orders.

As a result of the prevailing economic uncertainties, both Airbus and Boeing kept low profiles. Neither brought a commercial product and they would have been devoid of all top officials except for Airbus CEO Jean Pierson's press conference to close out his 13-year leadership of the consortium.

As a sidelight, one Airbus official told ATW that his company will not bring any more airplanes to Singapore until show officials can correct the "remote parking" problems that exile heavy airplanes at difficult-to-access sites a distance from the show proper.

Pierson held sway as he has so often, chronicling his firm's rise from a niche producer to an near equal of Boeing. …

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