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Just like the big guys.

If you were thinking that all improvements in cabin technology are devoted totally to widebodies, think again

In the past, the term cabin technology pertained almost exclusively to larger commercial airliners and business aircraft. But now that varying sizes of regional jets are part of the industry and passengers' demand for a better product is being heard, innovations in cabin technology are trickling down to smaller aircraft.

In the near future, everything from live TV and telephones to the latest in ergonomic seating may be a part of the regional airline industry. Seats with a lumbar massage and adjustable headrests and side supports may not be beyond the realm of possibility. All-leather seats and PSUs with touch-sensitive switches and attendant call buttons already are part of the new. Even the galleys have been upgraded. One Italian regional, Avio, for instance, has installed espresso machines on its Avro RJs. …

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