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Revenue enhancement leads IATA productivity gains; but for the first time in recent years, U.S. IATA members fail to pace productivity improvement. (International Air Transport Association)

Revenue enhancement leads IATA productivity gains

International Air Transport Association (IATA) members continued to improve their productivity in 1986, although not as dramatically as in some previous years. Perhaps or more significant, IATA improvement in 1986 was not paced by its U.S. members as it has been in recent years.

By IATA's favorite measure, total revenue tonne kilometres per employe, productivity improved only 2.2% in 1986 over the previous year with each employe accounting for 116,000 tonne kilometers of traffic (See related table for all members). The average improvement over the past five years had been 3.6%.

The six large U.S. passenger carrying IATA members failed to pace the improvement in 1986 like they have in recent years. …

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