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What's new in passenger handling equipment.

What's new in passenger handling equipment

No-cost passenger promotion: SampleAir, Inc., Bayside, N.Y., provides U.S. carriers with a no-cost passenger promotion via a gift box, (each customized in the carrier's livery), containing a variety of product samples from health, beauty aid and snack manufacturers. The program runs four times a year, each lasting six weeks. A postage paid survey in the box, tabulated by an independent research company, provides the participating carrier with a report on various aspects of passenger service as well as passenger reaction to the SampleAir program.

Corporate reorganization for Sell: Sell Aviation division of Buderus AG, the galley manufacturer, has been renamed Buderus Sell GmbH. The corporation has been reorganized and Sell is now an independent company with Buderus being the parent company. All aviation equipment will be manufactured at their Herborn, West Germany, facilities. The company has been in the galley business for over 30 years and 200 airlines are now using Sell equipment.

Sell has available the "Skytech' high-speed convection oven which is low in weight. Controls are electro-mechanical and over 5,000 Atlas model type ovens have been sold to date.

Interlocking meal trays: Plastics Inc., St. Paul, Minn. has introduced a line of interlocking meal trays for use with ATLAS standard carts and meal carriers.

Manufactured from either ABS or HIPS, the trays feature a high-gloss surface, are resistant to heat, impact and warpage, and are available in a variety of colors. Their interlocking design provides easy access to trays stored in the rear of compartments, as connected trays slide forward with the removal of each preceding tray. The trays are all 1/2 in. high by 10 3/4 in. deep and are available in four sizes--7 1/2 in., 10 in., 15 in. and 5 in.

Custom design: Custom design and fabrication of ticket counters, podiums, inserts and signage are the specialities of Zemitzsch, Inc., St. Louis, Mo. The company provides complete manufacturing services for airport interiors to complement the most recent needs for CRT terminals, ticket printers and communications equipment.

New video entertainment systems to be introduced: Matsushita Avionics Systems are preparing to introduce a variety of video entertainment systems to the airline marketplace by early 1988. Using resources of their parent company (Matsushita Electric Industries, Co. Ltd.), Matsushita plans to make both LCD and CRT monitor display products available to the new aircraft market, as well as the retrofit market. MAS will provide a full array of LRUs and systems to both the narrowbody and widebody commercial aircraft fleet.

Inflatable pillow toy: Talus Corp., Portland, Maine, has invented Snoozles--new inflatable travel pillows that look like whimsical animals to make traveling fun and comfortable for children.

Available in three styles, Snoozles' underlying shape is a flared-arc design that supports without stifling. They can be tucked beneath the chin and are curved to fit just behind the head. Snoozles inflate with a puff and deflate to fit in pocket, purse, or glove-compartment. Their soft, absorbent velour covers are zippered for easy washing. The eyes and felt manes are fastened to resist tearing and biting. …

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