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And the heat goes on. (airlines safety) (column)

And the heat goes on

Two months ago we commented in this column ("The long hot summer') that the airlines here in the U.S. are getting a lot of attention. They still are. The heat goes on.

The latest forum here in Washington has been President Reagan's special Aviation Safety Commission. As usual the central issue is deregulation, and the particular focus of this seven-person group is what has become of airline safety during the deregulation experience. The numbers all say that flying has never been safer, but for one reason or another the public and some Senators and Congressmen seem skeptical. Would an airline skimp on maintenance and cut corners on training and procedures to improve its profit margin? Would the Federal Aviation Administration do less than it should with air traffic controller staffing and facilities improvements to help President Reagan's budget deficit? Tough questions. What do you think?

Latest attention getter on the safety issue has been, of all things, Delta Air Lines and its series of incidents which could be termed comical, if they did not involve a serious subject like airline safety. …

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